Why many millennials are turning to the Internet for education

For many millennials, the traditional four year university is less appealing than it was in the past. They are more tech-savvy and more likely to consider the Internet as a trustworthy resource. According to recent surveys, when a millennial decides to develop a specific skill, he is more keen to enrol in an online learning platform such as Skillshare than spending thousands on a full degree or a university certificate. As millennials thrive in a learning environment where collaboration, feedback, technology and mentorship are key, these factors may be more available on the Internet than in many traditional classrooms. Another reason is the growing interest of millennials in freelancing which, by 2020, will make up 50% of the US workforce. More and more jobs are moving to flexible, information based outputs and it is a fact that millennials mostly crave a freelancing lifestyle. Moreover, online learning removes admission barriers, as a few classes on an online platform are sufficient to start freelance projects and, consequently, a career can begin more rapidly. More than 1 in 4 millennials start « side hustles » that they are passionate about but only made possible by the availability of online learning to prepare them. Beyond the skills millennials need to start their « side hustle », online learning can also benefit them by teaching them how to manage, market and expand their business.

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