VET systems in the world: a comparison of three models of excellence

While France is reforming its apprenticeship training, it becomes essential to know more about the other VET opportunities in the world. Let’s take a look at the three best models of Vocational Education and Training in Switzerland, Singapore and the USA. Switzerland has one of the strongest VET systems in Europe, with an average of 70% of young people in this system, it is the mainstream secondary programme. Its strength comes also from a strong support from Swiss employers. Singapore’s system began only recently with intensive VET investments as a keystone of the country’s economic development strategy. It is a very popular route pursued by about 65% of the students. The Delaware pathways program in the United States is a vehicle to ensure all youth have the opportunity to fulfil their educational goals and career aspirations. Career pathways begin in the public education system (K-12) through the development and implementation of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs of study. This work-based learning enables students to apply their knowledge and skills in actual worksites and start working effectively for companies on day one of their working life.

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