The added value of liberal arts for economic growth and good citizenship

Liberal arts colleges are often perceived as being elite and, in some way, irrelevant. In a recent article, I highlighted a new trend consisting of making humanities part of the curriculum of a growing number of business programs, especially in Canada, USA and the Netherlands. It has become undeniable that future entrepreneurs and business graduates need to make the most of liberal arts education to be able to think out of the box. By encouraging difference of ideological thought and by focusing on a well-rounded education as well as on social responsibility and civic engagement, students can use their critical thinking skills to fuel innovation and help innovative companies produce smarter robots and better apps. We make the case that studying philosophy, literature or film produces a kind of expertise that is valuable to the tech industry. Wouldn’t you think also that engineers working on articifial intelligence could benefit from having more ethicists in their laboratories? Graduates, future engineers can learn not just how to do things, but also why they should (or should not) do them. Read more…

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