Should students build their own degrees by studying at several universities?

Here’s the big idea: students should be able to move seamlessly between higher education providers, picking up academic credits along the way, to create their own degree package. Students should get transferable credits for modules and feel free to move between higher education providers. But most of the time, degree programmes are designed to be progressive, with core and option modules. They are tested through validation processes to check they meet the academic standards. This is also important for prospective employers to see what the graduate has achieved. With complete flexibility and perhaps no core content, it becomes very difficult to demonstrate the acquisition of attributes and assure academic quality. Students who are switching to a new course or university, or putting together their own programme of study and selecting where they wish to undertake different elements, would need extensive, bespoke guidance. Without this, they risk losing education that is truly of value to them and potential employers. Read more…

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