Lawyers : a profession to be replaced by legal AI ?

Have you ever heard of ROSS Intelligence based on IBM’s cognitive computing system Watson which is being used by a number of the world’s biggest law firms ? You can be assured that legal AI research platforms affects dramatically how legal work gets done.
There is so much electronic data available that lawyers need these legalTech to boil the ocean of data for them. It makes it hard for flesh-and-blood attorneys to keep up.
Increasing automation of the legal industry promises to increase efficiency and save clients money, but could also cut jobs in the sector as the technology becomes responsible for tasks currently performed by lawyers. Advocates of AI, however, argue they will see a rise of more jobs in the legal market as the technology drives costs down and makes legal services more affordable to greater numbers of people.
In this article, 20 top lawyers with decades of experience in corporate law and contract review share with us their surprising responses. Almost all of them were beaten by legal AI…

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