Hult International Business School : thinking future beyond business

If there is one International Business School that really stands out from the others, then it’s definitely this one. Based in London, Boston and San Francisco, Hult International Business School is at the intersection of the most exciting global innovation forces – design, science, and technology. Hult has gained its worldwide reputation because of its outstanding and rigorous curriculum which goes far beyond business. As business is as much about understanding cultures and globalization as it is about understanding finance and marketing, Hult International Business School is committed to educating not only business leaders, but also world leaders given its unique campus network. Embracing the new challenges of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, the School has designed a specific curriculum that adapts to these changes and produces graduates who are able to thrive in this new era of disruption and innovation. Considering that the critical business knowledge students will require in the future does not yet exist and that future careers may not even exist either, how can business education best prepare students ? Hult International Business School offers undergraduates the option of adding a Graduate Diploma in either Computer Science or Design to their Bachelor degree in Business Administration. This enables students to diversify their skills and become proficient in areas that now go hand-in-hand with the business requirements. By taking courses such as Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms and Software Engineering & Usability, students can develop the fundamentals of computer science practices, learn techniques for interpreting trends and think critically about the impact of emerging technologies for business. Design is another area of critical importance to business. Obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Design during their Bachelor studies will allow students to develop the digital skills and technical capabilities of creative technologies. Students learn the importance of design in optimizing customer experience, the fundamentals of good design, and how to meet the design requirements of global business. Finally, Hult’s undergraduate program relies on “challenge learning” whereby students take part in a complex, realistic core challenge. Each year, the challenge tackles a different, critical business area and pushes students to find solutions to the real problems that business is facing. With each challenge, students put the theory they have learned into practice and use design thinking to create new startup ideas, develop solutions to tackle some of the world’s most pressing social issues and become adept at confidently pitching their ideas.

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