Higher Education in Canada: towards the merge of humanities and business administration!

It’s a general trend. The proportion of students who major in Humanities is declining. In the United States, the figures have fallen from nearly one in five in the late 1960s to one in 20 in 2015. And it’s the same in Canada where Humanities enrolment plummeted by more than 5 percent—the biggest drop in any discipline. But this feature will be reversed in the coming years. Interdisciplinary alliances are becoming a fast-growing trend for entrepreneurial Humanities departments. At McMaster University, near Toronto, a business program, consisting of literature, philosophy and the arts, will be part of the business curriculum in the hope of enhancing both fields of study—as well as students’ careers—in the process. But what’s this all about ? Employers are definitely looking for more critical thinking, communication and cultural perspectives and have understood a key point: in the long run, it’s the people with the liberal arts background who will end up being CEOs. So don’t forget the unexpected value of the Liberal Arts!

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