Have you ever heard of the James Dyson Institute of Technology ?

An engineering revolution in higher education is brewing. It’s quite astonishing how little we know about the processes and people behind items we take for granted in our everyday lives. Engineering is all around us, from the buildings we live in to the clothes we wear; the music we download to gadgets we can’t live without. It seems that we definitely need to change the rhetoric and rethink careers related to a profession which will require an additional 1.82 million people at all levels to maintain a sound economy between 2016 and 2025. It’s high time to encourage students, teachers and parents to ditch outdated perceptions of a cutting-edge profession that offers great career development and highly competitive salaries across a broad spectrum of industries. Billionaire inventor James Dyson is aware of the big challenges engineering schools are facing and want to adress them. To bridge engineering skills gap, J. Dyson is currently launching a new university (the Institute of technology based at Dyson’s campus in Wiltshire). As european countries are competing globally with Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, stopping the shortage of engineers is a key issue to be able to compete globally. The Dyson Institute of Technology will take its first 25 students in September next year. As part of the course, students will not pay any fees, be handed a salary and work alongside Dyson engineers on upcoming products. The Dyson Institute of Technology will not only offer students the chance to study on cutting-edge, degree-level programmes, it will also play a vital role in educating the next generation of much needed engineers. Read more…

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