Claire Dutertre

Claire Dutertre, consultant in European education mobility

Her first job following graduation was teaching English and FLE (French as a Foreign Language) in Ireland and then China with individuals, companies (Bouygues, Alcatel) and universities including the Institute of Technology, Tralee (Ireland) and Haidian University (Beijing, China). While teaching at the Beijing French School, Claire was in charge of promoting Franco-American inter-school exchanges; this work led her to a career in the promotion of international relations in the education sector.

Following her return to France, she managed the Department of International Training at the vocational association Compagnons du Devoir, for eight years. Her role included responsibility for European funding applications; this gave her considerable expertise in European projects involving Vocational Training in domains as varied as construction, sustainable development, design and craft.

Claire has been self-employed for the last four years as a mobility and European projects consultant. She helps educational organisations to set up mobility projects, developing modules in e-learning and identifying strategic partnerships.

In 2017, she joined in parallel Kickstart Student Career, which offers consulting services in two areas :

  • Guidance support for 17-25 year-old students on Higher Education abroad.
  • Management of European projects in the field of Vocational and Higher Education.
Claire Dutertre
  • Writing applications for funding for European projects (mobility, strategic partnerships) (Erasmus +);
  • Financial research assistance for the development of educational tools, innovative curricula or exchanges of good practices;
  • Management and administrative follow-up of mobility projects or European partnerships.
  • 10 years of experience in management of European projects in school education and vocational training;
  • Knowledge of vocational systems in Europe;
  • Working with companies in the design of innovative projects in education and training.