Catherine Saracco

Catherine Saracco, International Higher Education Consultant

After 20 years’ experience in higher education in France and abroad, Catherine founded Kickstart Student Career in 2016.

She specialises in providing guidance for 17-25 year-olds on higher education courses internationally. She researches and advises on study paths in France and abroad, helping young people to select the schools and universities best suited to them. She is also focused on the major issues in higher education, which she discusses regularly in her blog.

“A French woman with a European heart. I love Europe and have a passion for culture and foreign languages.”

Catherine has a Franco-German doctorate in Information and Communication Sciences and began her career at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, as International Relations Officer. Later, she moved to Berlin to work in the cultural sector. Back in France, she was involved in the strategic international development of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture in Strasbourg and an industrial design school in Paris. Her achievements included numerous academic partnerships and the establishment of double degrees at master’s level. She has worked with colleges and universities in France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Canada and in the Nordic countries.

“These experiences have shaped my life and broadened my mind in a very positive way.”

Catherine’s project was born out of a conviction: higher education is becoming more globalised, the courses available have multiplied and support tools and guidance methods must adapt. Three major developments cannot be ignored: the multidisciplinary nature of studies, the constant evolution of knowledge and educational approaches and the emergence of new professions. Moving into the 21stcentury means mastering the challenges of the digital revolution, a source of new professional opportunities for the younger generation.

Catherine specialises in artistic disciplines (media and communications, multimedia, cinema, architecture, art, design). She also has a clear overview of study programmes in business, engineering and the career opportunities that are emerging from the digital world.

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  • Coaching young adults and students from 15 to 25.
  • Group workshops in schools.
  • Assisting with all chosen college/university applications.
  • CV and cover letter preparation.
  • 20 years experience in international project management in higher education.
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the range and type of courses and programmes available.
  • Understanding the trends and emerging career opportunities in the digital era.